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FXOptimax PAMM 2.0

FXOptimax proudly presents the next generation of FXOptimax PAMM System. This new system will enhance both PAMM Manager and Investor experiences.

Here are some changes between the older version compared to the new PAMM 2.0:

  1. Investors will get a MetaTrader 4 Read Only Trading account. All transactions will be placed on investor’s MT4 account with the correct lotsize – calculated based on investor’s percentage in the PAMM project. All fees will be recorded in investors MT4 to improve the transparency in the PAMM operational. Manager can decide to let investor view the trade realtime (by providing investor password), or provide only daily report (daily confirmation) which will be sent daily by email. MetaTrader 4 investors account is in CENT USD (USD 1 = 100 Cents), unless stated otherwise.
  2. Management Fee is deducted daily. Manager will set the annual fee precentage and it will be divided by 260 trading days over a year.
  3. Any fees calculation (management fee, performance fee, etc) will not be processed during weekend (Saturday and Sunday). Calculation will resume at Monday.
  4. Rollover is calculated correctly, the chance of unmatched calculation between manager and investors account will be very small
  5. Stopout level is 50%, maximum leverage is 1:500.

We are currently testing the new PAMM 2.0 and it is scheduled to be available on March 2013.

If you wish to start using our new PAMM system, please notify us at [email protected].