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FXOptimax Processes Partners Commissions Daily

Great news for all FXOptimax partners!

FXOptimax is now processing partners commissions daily. All partners will receive a daily report for the previous trading day and commissions will be automatically added to cash account every single day.

Should you have any further questions regarding this update, please do not hesitate to contact us.

To activate your partnership link, please see this tutorial.



FXOptimax No Longer Supports Mirror Trader

We are forced to stop supporting Mirror Traders accounts, as MetaQuotes Software Corp, the developer of Meta Trader 4, has imposed technical restrictions on receiving trading signals from Mirror Trader (Tradency) via the MT4 Client Terminal.

For FXOptimax Mirror Trader users, please manage the orders opened via Mirror Trader’s signals manually through your MT4. Your account is still usable for manual trading or you can add another account type to meet your demand.

Should you need further information regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact our LiveChat support or email us at [email protected].




请您申请一个新的PerfectMoney账户–或者使用已有的账户—并且至少存入1美金到您目前的交易账户。 一旦我们认证了您的PerfectMoney账户,您可以使用出金。请确保您的PerfectMoney账户对外开放(可以在PM设置中进行设置)并且符合您的注册资料,您的PM账户需要通过认证。



如果需要任何其他帮助,请联系我们admi[email protected]