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Special Offer USD 1 to EUR 1 Conversion

Grab our special promotion to convert your USD deposit to EUR, at 1:1 ratio. It will provide you greater margin availability. For example, at EUR/USD rate of 1.1200, you will have equal to USD 1120 with just USD 1000 deposit.

Terms and Condition

  • Only EUR denominated “Precision Pricing 5-Digits – EUR FixRate Promo” account is eligible. Existing client may add this type of account through MyFXOptimax (Account->Add New Account menu).
  • Deposit and withdrawal convertion ratio is 1:1. USD 1000 deposit will be credited as EUR 1000 in your MT4 and EUR 1000 withdrawal will be converted to USD 1000.
  • This account type cannot participate in USD 10 dan 20% deposit bonus promotions.
  • Client may withdraw anytime.
  • Referring Agents will receive rebate in USD from accounts participating this promotion.
  • Participation of related parties to this promotion participant, such as families, person or entity, whose account is controlled by this client or having similar, partially same or entirely same data, are prohibited. FXOptimax reserves the right to disqualify the participation of these parties, cancel all orders, profit and bonus in suspected accounts.
  • Any abusive or cheating attempts, including unexpected trading strategies, on this promotion may result in bonus and trades cancellation, including the possibility of profit withdrawal rejection.
  • FXOptimax reserves the right to reject bonus request or block an account or remove the trades and profit, if there is a partial or complete match of IP, clients personal data or any indication of accounts belonging to a same owner.
  • FXOptimax reserves the right to reject bonus request in a certain condition, without explaining the reason.
  • FXOptimax reserves the right to update, cancel or end this promotion, by notifying on FXOptimax website or medias.

Promotion started from May 13th, 2015.