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FXOptimax Provides Bigger Commissions for Partners

FXOptimax is now providing bigger commissions than ever for partners, to appreciate your effort. All partners are now able to earn up to 2 pips commission from clients’ trades, based on the active clients number, while the spreads applied for clients are still the same.

For further details on the partnership levels, please see the table here.



Christmas 2015 and New Year 2016 Market Schedules

Dear Trader,

Please see the following Christmas 2015 and New Year 2016 market closures and changes to trading hours below.

Thursday 24th December – market closes at 19:00 GMT
Sunday 27th December – market opens at 22:00 GMT

Thursday 31st December – market closes at 20:00 GMT
Sunday 3rd January – market opens at 22:00 GMT

Thursday 24th December – market closes at 18:45 GMT
Sunday 27th December – market reopens at 23:00 GMT

Thursday 31st December – market closes at 20:00 GMT
Sunday 3rd January – market reopens at 23:00 GMT

The spreads during those periods may be wider, due to lack of liquidity. FXOptimax may also reduce the leverage when necessary. Kindly ensure you have done any necessary adjustments so these changes do not affect your trading.

FXOptimax wishes you a wonderful Holiday and a Happy New Year! May peace, love and prosperity be with you always.




DST Notice November 2015

Please be advised, starting from November 2015, trading will start at Sunday 22:05 Server time and will end at Friday 21:55 Server time. The change is due to DST adjustment.



FXOptimax Now Offers Up to $15/Lot for Partners

FXOptimax is now offering up to $15/lot rebates for partners, depends on the number of active clients. For further details on the requirements, please visit our partnership page.



FXOptimax Will Convert 4-digits Micro Accounts to 4-digits Classic

FXOptimax will convert any active 4-digits Micro accounts to 4-digits Classics, since the account is no longer offered. The 4-digits Classics will allow micro lot trade.

To learn about the details of any account types, please click here.



FXOptimax Updates The Terms and Conditions for 20% Deposit Bonus

FXOptimax updates the terms and conditions for 20% deposit bonus promotion. The bonus is now available for up to $1000 deposit. It will act as additional margin and entirely usable for trading, but the bonus cannot be withdrawn. Each withdrawal will reduce the bonus by 20% of the withdrawn amount.

For complete terms and conditions, please refer to our promotion page.



USD Fasapay and WebMoney Are No Longer Available

USD Fasapay and WebMoney are no longer available as deposit options.

For clients funding the accounts by one of the two options, kindly withdraw through the other available options. The new withdrawal option is a subject to finance approvals.

For further details, please contact us at [email protected]



Trading Conditions Have Been Restored

FXOptimax has restored its trading condition, following several necessary adjustments over the last weekend due to the situation in Greek.



EUR Adjustment – July 10th, 2015

USDJPY, USDCAD, GBPUSD, EURUSD, AUDUSD, EURJPY margin will be adjusted to 800%
XAUUSD margin will be adjusted to 200%

Adjustment start from 13:00 server time.



Weekend Adjustment Anticipating Greek Update

FXOptimax will temporarily adjust the margin requirement and/or spread for several pairs, including lowering the account leverage, anticipating an unexpected volatility on Greek situation over this weekend. Adjustments will be applied before weekend market close and we will announce the details on our website. Please adjust your trades accordingly and we advise to flat all positions in EUR pairs or any related pairs to Greek situation 12 hours before weekend market close.

Should you require any assitance, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]