Christmas 2015 and New Year 2016 Market Schedules

Dear Trader,

Please see the following Christmas 2015 and New Year 2016 market closures and changes to trading hours below.

Thursday 24th December – market closes at 19:00 GMT
Sunday 27th December – market opens at 22:00 GMT

Thursday 31st December – market closes at 20:00 GMT
Sunday 3rd January – market opens at 22:00 GMT

Thursday 24th December – market closes at 18:45 GMT
Sunday 27th December – market reopens at 23:00 GMT

Thursday 31st December – market closes at 20:00 GMT
Sunday 3rd January – market reopens at 23:00 GMT

The spreads during those periods may be wider, due to lack of liquidity. FXOptimax may also reduce the leverage when necessary. Kindly ensure you have done any necessary adjustments so these changes do not affect your trading.

FXOptimax wishes you a wonderful Holiday and a Happy New Year! May peace, love and prosperity be with you always.


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