FXOptimax Updates Terms And Conditions For 50% Deposit Bonus Promotion

FXOptimax updates several terms and conditions for currently active 50% deposit bonus promotion. The changes applies for both new bonus claims and existing bonus. Here are the complete new terms and conditions, the changes are shown in bold.

Terms and Condition

  • Trader can claim 50% bonus in 1 MT4 at the same time, in accordance to the deposit amount, as explained below:
    Bonus Amount
    Minimum Deposit
    Required Volume
    Promotion Code
    $25 $50 12.5 lots USD25DP
    $50 $100 25 lots USD50DP
    $100 $200 50 lots USD100DP
    $200 $400 100 lots USD200DP
    $300 $600 150 lots USD300DP
    $400 $800 200 lots USD400DP
    $500 $1000 250 lots USD500DP
    $800 $1600 400 lots USD800DP
    $1000 $2000 500 lots USD1000DP
    $2000 $4000 1000 lots USD2000DP
    $5000 $10000 2500 lots USD5000DP
  • Only verified account is eligible.
  • Available for 4 digits and 5 digits Precision Pricing accounts, one MT4 at the same time for each trader.
  • Promotion is available for deposits made on April 4th, 2016 onwards.
  • IB will get rebates from accounts with bonus.
  • Deposits from the other MT4s or rebates are ineligible.
  • Bonus request will be rejected if free margin is less than the bonus.
  • Client may reclaim another bonus if the previous bonus has been withdrawn or cancelled.
  • This terms and conditions will be applied to the previous deposit bonus.


Transferring Bonus to Balance

  • Client may request to transfer the bonus to trading balance if the required trading volume specified in above table has been reached. Please email us at [email protected] to request a bonus transfer.
  • The minimum free margin while requesting must be greater than the bonus.
  • Total trading volume is calculated since the bonus is credited.
  • Bonus can be transferred if all orders have been closed.


Withdrawal Rules

  • Client may withdraw all the balance any time.
  • Bonus will be canceled if equity after withdrawal is less than twice of the bonus.


Bonus Cancellation

  • Bonus will be canceled if equity drops to specified amount as explained below:
    Bonus Amount
    Equity Threshold
    $25 – $200 No bonus cancellation
    $300 – $1000 Equity is less than 50% of the bonus
    (i.e. $1000 bonus will be voided at $500)
    $2000 – $5000 Equity is less than 80% of the bonus
    (i.e. $5000 bonus will be voided at $4000)
  • Client may request to cancel the bonus anytime.
  • Participation of related parties to this promotion participant, such as families, person or entity, whose account is controlled by the same client or having similar, partially same or entirely same data, are prohibited. FXOptimax reserves the right to disqualify the participation of these parties, cancel all orders, profit and bonus in suspected accounts.
  • Any indication or suspicion of fraudulent attempt, manipulation, abusive or any other act with a lack of good faith towards FXOptimax will result in bonus cancellation.
  • FXOptimax reserves the right to reject bonus request or cancel any credited bonus in a certain condition, without explaining the reason. Please manage your strategy carefully regarding this clause.
  • FXOptimax reserves the right to update, cancel or end this promotion, with prior notification through FXOptimax website or medias.

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