Kama-spot & Saved FX : ‘Red Hot’ ZuluTrade Duo

ZuluTrade most followed Signal Provider in the First Quarter of 2013Entering the third month of 2013, all ZuluTrade traders must have noticed Kama-spot and Saved FX, two most spectacular Signal Providers at this moment. Both Kama-spot and Saved FX are owned by a same trader, they are having a similar trading behavior and both are sitting on top among the other ZuluTrade’s traders with Kama-spot taking the top seat and Saved FX came at third place. The impressive result – over than 14,000 pips (combined) – within 37 weeks, or just half of a year, has multiplied the followers interest. Both Signal Providers are gaining a massive amount of follower, Kama-spot is now followed by 10,904 investors with almost $18 milion fund in total, while another 6,790 investors with a total of over than $10 million fund has followed Saved FX. The $28 million fund seemed to be a new record, it even surpass the success of former ZuluTrade legend Forex Cruise Control, establishing the owner of Kama-spot and Saved FX as the most successful trader in ZuluTrade history.

Saved FX gains profit smoothlyBoth signal providers are mainly trading in EUR/USD and GBP/USD, with some additional trades on USD/CHF. They have an average of 15 pips profit per trade and a very high winning percentage, over than 94%. The trading strategies and risk level are maintained at a consistent level, even the followers are increasing rapidly. The drawdown chart at ZuluTrade statistic page do not show any threatening gap. Let see if both Kama-spot and Saved FX can keep up their good, or even great, work for long and not repeating the mistakes made by previous leaders.

Stable result by Saved FX twin brother, Kama-spotAs we had learned from past experience, Forex Cruise Control was not able to withstand the pressure of the overwhelming followers, causing it to trade carelessly, earning smaller profit and having an uncontrolled risk. Past performance is not a future guarantee, please make sure you have calculated the risk really well and invest the amount of fund you can afford.


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