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Exchanger Auto Withdrawal Options for FXOptimax Partners and Clients

FXOptimax is introducing Exchanger Auto Withdrawal option, a new feature intended to ease exchanger partners and clients in placing withdrawal requests. Once this option is enabled, FXOptimax exchanger partner will be allowed to request a withdrawal on behalf of your client.

On the client side, the option must be activated through MyFXOptimax, the Exchanger Auto Withdrawal form is accessible in the Settings page.

  • If a client does not want to use this feature, the option should be set to #1 Disabled and ensure the maximum amount is -1 (as its default value).
  • If a client want to allow the respective IB to request a withdrawal on client’s behalf without requiring client’s confirmation, the option should be set to #2 Enabled – Without Confirmation, the amount should be kept unchanged at 0.
  • If a client want to allow the respective IB to request a withdrawal on client’s behalf and require client’s confirmation, the option must be set to #3 Enabled – With Confirmation and then please set the amount. For example, if the amount is set to USD 100, it means any withdrawal above USD 100 will need your confirmation while any USD 100 and below will be processed automatically without your confirmation.

Beside a withdrawal confirmation, each client will receive exchanger automatic withdrawal notification through email once a request is placed by your IB and client can block the withdrawal request as far as the request has not been processed yet. All auto requests by IBs will be subjects to finance approval and each client may only requested this automatic withdrawal from clients referer IB only, should his/her IB has been registered as FXOptimax exchanger partner.

For further information on this new feature, please contact us at [email protected]