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请您申请一个新的PerfectMoney账户–或者使用已有的账户—并且至少存入1美金到您目前的交易账户。 一旦我们认证了您的PerfectMoney账户,您可以使用出金。请确保您的PerfectMoney账户对外开放(可以在PM设置中进行设置)并且符合您的注册资料,您的PM账户需要通过认证。



如果需要任何其他帮助,请联系我们[email protected]



Notification for Liberty Reserve Users

Due to the uncertain situation of Liberty Reserve, FXOptimax will allow clients whose deposit were done via Liberty Reserve, to withdraw via PerfectMoney.

Please create a new PerfectMoney account — or use the existing account — and deposit at least $1 to your current trading account. Once we have verified your PerfectMoney account, you can withdraw your fund to this account. Please ensure the name on your PerfectMoney account is shown to public (can be set in PerfectMoney settings) and it is matched to your registered data, and your PerfectMoney account status should be verified.

No additional fees (besides PerfectMoney transaction fee) applied on accounts with Liberty Reserve deposit before May 10th, 2013. For accounts deposited via Liberty Reserve on and after May 10th, case-by-case review will be taken for each withdrawal, additional fee may be applied. Withdrawal requests to the other payment options besides PerfectMoney will be reviewed case-by-case.

FXOptimax does not accept Liberty Reserve deposit and withdrawal until further notice.

For further assistance regarding this issue, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]