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Kama-spot & Saved FX : ‘Red Hot’ ZuluTrade Duo

ZuluTrade most followed Signal Provider in the First Quarter of 2013Entering the third month of 2013, all ZuluTrade traders must have noticed Kama-spot and Saved FX, two most spectacular Signal Providers at this moment. Both Kama-spot and Saved FX are owned by a same trader, they are having a similar trading behavior and both are sitting on top among the other ZuluTrade’s traders with Kama-spot taking the top seat and Saved FX came at third place. The impressive result – over than 14,000 pips (combined) – within 37 weeks, or just half of a year, has multiplied the followers interest. Both Signal Providers are gaining a massive amount of follower, Kama-spot is now followed by 10,904 investors with almost $18 milion fund in total, while another 6,790 investors with a total of over than $10 million fund has followed Saved FX. The $28 million fund seemed to be a new record, it even surpass the success of former ZuluTrade legend Forex Cruise Control, establishing the owner of Kama-spot and Saved FX as the most successful trader in ZuluTrade history. Continue Reading