Winner Announcement of FXOptimax Mirror Trader Contest

Congratulations to Agus_2837, the winner of FXOptimax Mirror Trader Contest!

FXOptimax Mirror Trader Contest WinnerAll accounts started their contest with only $10,000 starting balance and Agus_2837 was crowned champion of FXOptimax Mirror Trader Contest, with a total of $29,274.79 ending balance ($19,274.79 profit). The contestant followed several well performing Mirror Trader strategies, such as JFX (USDCHF), ThirdBrainFX (AUDJPY, GBPAUD and GBPNZD), Pminvestcapital (EURGBP), MHFX01 (AUDUSD and AUDNZD), Sphynx (GBPAUD and NZD JPY), RikiTikiTavi FX (USDJPY), sionfx (CADCHF) and Taiyo (AUDJPY) , which had automatically traded in the account and earned the massive profit within 3 weeks. The respected FXOptimax client will be entitled to $1,000 Mirror Trader Real Account as the winning prize.

Earning the second and third place in this contest, we had 2 more accounts from very competitive contestants, both finished the trade with over than $25,000 ending balance, but unfortunately they could not top the contest, what a close shave. The runner up, owis2, was following Auto-Online (USDCHF) and earning $17,105.94 profit with just a single strategy.

The third place was awarded to Mahtab6 with a total of $15,559.38 profit by following several strategies as the champion, combined to several different strategies, such as 007Fx (EURAUD), APSGTS1 (EURAUD), SniperFX (NZDJPY), INTEGRAL1 (EURUSD), TidalWave (EURUSD), OnTimeTrader (EURJPY), London Call (NZDJPY) and WindChaser (AUDJPY).

Besides the top 3 traders, there were many other contestants had successfully earned thousands of Dollar profit, varied from $5,000 to $15,000, by following multiple strategies. The pricing in the demo account is quiet similar to real account, these results would be quiet the same, should it be implemented to FXOptimax Mirror Trader real account. Choose good strategies, they will provide you the profit.

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